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Dubai Creek Harbour Mosque

  • Team: Aras Burak
  • Project Date: 2018
  • Competition Entry: Emaar Iconic Mosque Competition

Mountains and caves of Makkah are very strong part of the Islamic culture. They take place in Qoran and Hajj rituals as the physical environment heavily. Dubai is a very flat city, we thought it would be appropriate to introduce the most special mosque of Dubai to be almost like part of the topography, as a mountain. The brief was asking for an Iconic Mosque for Dubai Creek Harbour, our answer to this iconicity became a pure concrete shell forming a simple hill – the silhouette of a mosque.

In order to meet the capacity of the mosque asked in the brief, we maximized the footprint of the building to provide full use of site and rotated only the facade of the building towards Mecca instead of the building footprint. By doing this, we have realised the building itself had an ornament value as a whole. Instead of introducing a separate minaret and dome, we have aimed to morph the whole building into one single object while keeping the spatial qualities and silhouette of a traditional mosque.