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ITU Isletme Fakultesi

  • Team: Aras Burak, Aris Kozmidis
  • Project Date: 2019
  • Type: Competition
  • Client: İstanbul Teknik Üniversitesi
  • Plot Size / GFA: 3,440m2 / 12,000m2
  • Collaborators:
    • Models: Eşref Madanlar / Atölye 78 + 3D Baski Atolyesi
    • Visuals: S-A China
    • Local Architect: Harun Ekerbiçer

One of the oldest education institutions in Turkey, Istanbul Technical University, was seeking a design for the Isletme Fakultesi, Business School building. The existing 1960’s designed building is a series of masses that are spread on-site, connected with walkway masses — the program provided in brief for the new building almost required to fill the whole site. There was also a height restriction to match the height of the neighboring historical Macka campus. Between this historical Macka campus building and the new building, there is also a formerly Ottoman police station nowadays used by ITU. We wanted to avoid having a huge mass begging for attention from the main street at the same time we wanted the new campus to be iconic and exciting for its students, academics. 

After analyzing the given brief, we decided to split all admin into one single building, orient it to the site edge, which also coincides with a great view of Bosphorus. The rest of the program was catered for the students, where we thought the stacked mass of amphitheaters could efficiently work within the massing of a cylinder. The connection between the buildings is thought to be within the podium level, where the ceiling of this podium meets the topographical edges of the site; therefore, the podium seems buried underground.

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Vilnius Concert Hall

  • Team: Aras Burak, Aris Kozmidis, Harun Ekerbiçer
  • Project Date: 2019
  • Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Client: Vilnius Municipality
  • Plot Size / GFA: 10,358m2 / 17,100m2
  • Collaborators:
    • Models: Roland Diamante

Tautos Namai, Nation House is designed as a new destination that is going to be not only a concert hall for the city of Vilnius, will also be a social building to meet, to enjoy the city views any time of the year.

Our design aligns with all transportation networks by not having a single frontage, with the advantage of the circular form. The alignment of the main foyer is allowing the concert crowd to enjoy the panoramic view of Tauras Park and the rest of the city. This foyer is a linear space, pointing towards the Gediminas Tower, which is the landmark of Vilnius.

Two concert halls are also accompanied by an additional stage outside the building – by a shared platform on rail that is able to slide out of the building, allowing outdoor concerts to happen in Tauras Park. This will increase the impact of the concert hall and let it spread to the city.

The restaurant and cafe spaces are facing the historical city center. Terraces are integrated into the design for an amazing experience in good weather days of Vilnius, letting ticketed crowd also to go out for fresh air during the performances.

We have observed incredibly interesting public-use of the Tauros Park in all seasons of Vilnius. We believe our design will take benefit of this meeting point and integrate the crowd to have classical music as part of their daily lives, enjoying the outdoor performances unlike any other city in the world, making Vilnius a classic music capital for the world.