ro-webReading Office is founded in 2009 by Aras Burak in order to create a multi-disciplinary way of understanding the architecture and design world that is beyond the interest and work of Building Office. The studies and the culture gained through this investigation is to be shared with the people who are interested – through Reading Office Network that is consisting BoOk, BoPaper Magazine, BoTV, BoRadio and finally the physical products store, membership libraries and bookshop BoLibrary.

BoOk is the magazine that is critical about environmental and political issues and is a guide for travel while it is a source for contemporary architecture.

Şişli (Turkish)
Building (English)

BoPaper is the lifestyle magazine that is critical about environmental and political issues and is a guide for travel. Its content is shaped around the contemporary architecture. (International) (Turkey)

BoLibrary is the official store of Reading Office where the books and magazines are also on display for free reading for the members in partnership with a coffee shop. In Ro libraries, architectural models of the studio are on display and even some 3D printed models are on sale. It’s also possible to find project posters, project and lecture collector DVD’s.


BoTV, similar to the way documentary channels are already doing; talks about the construction sites all around the world and interviews with the architects, theorists and designers. Primarily BOtv is planned to be a podcast.

BuildingOfficeTV (Youtube)
buildingoffice (vimeo)

BoRadio is the inspiration behind the production of the studio and paper and tv. it is the background for all the work and aims to entertain and trigger creativity. Primarily BOradio is planned to be an online radio channel.