Building Office

Founded in 2006 by Aras Burak in London, Building Office has been a collaboration for competitions, generator of counter-proposals in Istanbul against politically imposed architecture and planning. Building Office has won Obama Center ideas competition by Chicago Architecture Center in 2015.

Reading Office

The research institute of Building Office, Reading Office was founded in 2009 in order to collect ideas, biographies, works, database for cities that effects the work of Building Office in a single place. The research is open to the public through website, radio, tv, magazine and book formats.

Project Partners

  • Aris Kozmidis  (ARUP, Los Angeles Structural Engineer in California)
  • Harun Ekerbiçer (Architect, Founder HEP Architects)
  • Jale Sarı (Landscape Architect)
  • Oya Tabanoğlu (Urban Planner)